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From Pedro Albuquerque <>
Subject Re: Replace words with codes in help
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 16:40:54 GMT
Em 12/11/2013 16:35, Regina Henschel escreveu:
> Hi Pedro,
> Pedro Albuquerque schrieb:
>> Em 12/11/2013 15:36, Regina Henschel escreveu:
>>> Hi Pedro,
>>> Pedro Albuquerque schrieb:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> In Pootle Help files, can I replace the below text (in red):
>>>> helpcontent2/source/text/smath/01.po
>>>> <ahelp hid="HID_SMA_INTX">Inserts an <emph>integral</emph>
>>>> with one
>>>> placeholder.</ahelp>
>>>> by some code (ex: Unicode number: U+283C orHTML-code: &#643;in this
>>>> example), in order to show the actual symbol instead of a word?
>>>> Something like this:
>>>> <ahelp hid="HID_SMA_INTX">Inserts U+0283C  with one 
>>>> placeholder.</ahelp>
>>> That makes no sense, because this text is the description for the
>>> picture of the command. Please look into the help, Index > operators >
>>> general. It belongs to a table, with the picture on the left side and
>>> the text on the right side.
>> Yes, I've seen it. It has a "x" to illustrate the placeholder. But also
>> has the same word above. I personally think it's more a matter of
>> choice, but if it's not possible...
> BTW, the integral sign is U+222B.
> "not possible" is not quite correct. But in the text the word 
> 'integral' makes more sense. If you do not like the picture with the x 
> placeholder and you have a better suggestion, you should open an issue 
> in Bugzilla for it. Same, if you have a better solution for the text.
> Such changes should not be done in one translation in Pootle, but have 
> to be done in core, for the English original. And then will show up 
> for all languages.
Of course, you are right, as usual. But as I said it's not that I don't 
like, it's a choice, possibly an idea. Maybe I'll make that suggestion 
when I finish reviewing the translation.
Thank you.
> Kind regards
> Regina
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