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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Galician NGO challenges gvt support for proprietary software
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 22:28:27 GMT
Anton Meixome wrote:
> We have 2 versions for each release and we DON'T want embed the
> version for standalone extension in the release code of AOO. ┬źDefault┬╗
> subversion is pure academic criterion, standalone subversion is a mix
> with resources from other sources and community criterion.  So, please
> left manage our way this local feature.

I don't completely understand the distinction, but we can surely do as 
you wish. To summarize:

1) OpenOffice in Galician currently doesn't include any dictionaries, see

2) If you wish that the Galician dictionary is included in 4.1 (early 
2014), you will write to this mailing list and give the precise link (to 
the extension release, not to the extension) and I will include it.

3) We won't be updating included dictionaries until just before the 4.1 
release, so you can either follow this list and wait for an 
announcement, or write if you have something that you want included. If 
we don't hear anything, the default will be to still distribute the 
Galician version of OpenOffice without any dictionaries (or we will 
anyway ask you for advice on what to do).


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