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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: New Pootle Account
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2013 12:19:08 GMT
Yacine Bouklif wrote:
> Hello my name is Yacine Bouklif and I am from Algeria. Please create
> a Pootle account for me. I state that my contributions are under the
> Apache 2 license and I will work on ...Kabyle...
> My preferred username is ...yacine2953...

Welcome, account "yacine2953" created. Please go to
to receive your password.

Then you will able to login at
but unfortunately we are not ready for Kabyle yet. You will need to wait 
that Apache OpenOffice 4.0.x files are made available in Pootle, and 
this may take 1-2 weeks due to festivities.

I strongly recommend that you add a comment to
(you will need to register for Bugzilla, same page)
saying that you are ready to start working in Pootle and that your 
contributions are under the Apache 2 License. This way you will receive 
e-mail notifications when your language has been uploaded.

To speed up things, could you please confirm that the partial Kabyle 
translation we have so far is OK (meaning, that it looks like valid 
Kabyle and that characters appear correctly)? Here are some random 
strings from the archived Kabyle translation (for an old OpenOffice 

S tfasniwin				
Imeɣri n Media				
Sekcem isura d yimesla				
Ldi isura d yimesla				
Ifayluten yakk n isura akked yimesla				
Addad Userkeb				
Beddel isem				
Tama n usiggez				
Isebtaren yakk				

In the meantime, a detailed Pootle guide is available at

If uploading Kabyle takes too long, feel free to send us a reminder.


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