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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: en_GB speller - V2.07 - released - 27-NOV-2013
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2013 22:06:19 GMT
Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> I was talking about this with Marco the other day, it is indeed confusing
> understanding how this dictionary is being built. First of all it seems
> this dictionary havent been update in a long time.

You are correct. The dictionary was taken from the OpenOffice 3.3 
sources and had to be moved to an extension for licensing reasons, so I 
created the extension. But I don't actively maintain it: I may integrate 
updates from others from time to time, but I have no connection to the 
"upstream" people (the maintainers of those dictionaries). The only fix 
I applied was to correct a long-standing bug in the hyphenation.

> The best example, is the project that Santiago bosio and other community
> members do for Spanish which is to not bundle the regionalizations but to
> develop an engine that automate the generation for each one

This is good if you have a common basis. But now the dictionaries that 
are aggregated into
come from different sources, and it would be quite hard to rework it. 
That said, if someone wants to try we can surely benefit from it.

> I am sure that this will be needed eventually
> since the original developers of the Hunspell project (in what
> took off) seemed to have move on.

Hunspell is the engine, and we continue to use as a spell-check engine 
with no problems. If there is any "official" English dictionary shipped 
with Hunspell, we can surely have a look and reuse it. Currently, for 
continuity, we simply use the OpenOffice 3.3.0 dictionary with the 
hyphenation fix and with (as discussed in this thread) Marco's 
improvements for the OpenOffice 4.1 release. But if you have pointers to 
updated upstreams we can update everything.


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