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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Pootle account
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2013 07:59:44 GMT
Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
> I can't access my Pootle account. I tried even to reset the password but
> keeps saying username and password don't match.
> What is wrong here?

First of all, note that there are maintenance operations going on these 
days (Infra tries to warn us in advance, but they can't always foresee 
downtime in a very precise way). So don't worry if you find Pootle 
offline for a few hours or if the behavior is not as expected.

There could be some confusion due to the fact that you became a 
committer in the meantime, and this means that you have a local Pootle 
account but also a committer account that you can use.

So: the first attempt I would make is to use your committer account. You 
can reset the password for it at and your 
username is the one listed at

If this doesn't work, let me know (offline is OK too) and we'll set a 
password. We'll probably want to disable your local account later, since 
you no longer need it and the committer account gives you more permissions.


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