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From Pedro Albuquerque <>
Subject Re: Pootle account
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2013 08:55:14 GMT
Em 30/12/2013 08:52, jan i escreveu:
> On 30 December 2013 09:31, Pedro Albuquerque <>wrote:
>> Em 30/12/2013 07:59, Andrea Pescetti escreveu:
>>> Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
>>>> I can't access my Pootle account. I tried even to reset the password but
>>>> keeps saying username and password don't match.
>>>> What is wrong here?
>>> First of all, note that there are maintenance operations going on these
>>> days (Infra tries to warn us in advance, but they can't always foresee
>>> downtime in a very precise way). So don't worry if you find Pootle offline
>>> for a few hours or if the behavior is not as expected.
>>> There could be some confusion due to the fact that you became a committer
>>> in the meantime, and this means that you have a local Pootle account but
>>> also a committer account that you can use.
>>> So: the first attempt I would make is to use your committer account. You
>>> can reset the password for it at and your
>>> username is the one listed at
>>> committers-by-project.html#openoffice
>>> If this doesn't work, let me know (offline is OK too) and we'll set a
>>> password. We'll probably want to disable your local account later, since
>>> you no longer need it and the committer account gives you more permissions.
>>>   I'll try the committer account later, after lunch. I assume the password
>> will be the same, so I won't reset it for now. Thank you.
> Depending on your lunch time, it might be a bit early. We expect the site
> (see to be down until later this afternoon. We have some
> serious issues with security and login, that we try to handle.
I don't have lunch that late!;-)
I'll work on Pootle tomorrow than, thank you.

> rgds
> jan I.
>> Regards,
>> Pedro.
>>   Regards,
>>>    Andrea.
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