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From Anton Meixome <>
Subject Re: Galician NGO challenges gvt support for proprietary software
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 00:37:51 GMT
Ok Andrea

For your understanding. Our versións are

a) Volg (ortographic vocabulary of galician language: Source: RAG
(Real Academia Galega
b) Community (Volg + other sources:


1) It's a fault for our side.
2) Please, include this :
3) I'll notify for new versions, of course

After long deliberations, we prefer that the default installation
embeb the strict academic dictionary.


2013/12/2 Andrea Pescetti <>:
> Anton Meixome wrote:
>> We have 2 versions for each release and we DON'T want embed the
>> version for standalone extension in the release code of AOO. «Default»
>> subversion is pure academic criterion, standalone subversion is a mix
>> with resources from other sources and community criterion.  So, please
>> left manage our way this local feature.
> I don't completely understand the distinction, but we can surely do as you
> wish. To summarize:
> 1) OpenOffice in Galician currently doesn't include any dictionaries, see
> 2) If you wish that the Galician dictionary is included in 4.1 (early 2014),
> you will write to this mailing list and give the precise link (to the
> extension release, not to the extension) and I will include it.
> 3) We won't be updating included dictionaries until just before the 4.1
> release, so you can either follow this list and wait for an announcement, or
> write if you have something that you want included. If we don't hear
> anything, the default will be to still distribute the Galician version of
> OpenOffice without any dictionaries (or we will anyway ask you for advice on
> what to do).
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

Antón Méixome - Galician Native Lang Coordination
Galician community LibO & AOO

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