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From "Marco A.G.Pinto" <>
Subject Re: en_GB V2.08 - 1-JAN-2014
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2014 00:19:34 GMT
Hello Andrea and L10N,

On 04/01/2014 15:28, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> The file README_en_GB.txt is not OK: we need to keep its existing 
> content. Just add your notes above or below the existing content, but 
> do not remove attribution and references (so, to be safe, do not 
> remove anything, just add!). So the current release is not OK, but the 
> fix is easy.

Andrea, I grabbed the en_GB dictionary from the Mozilla repository, 
since the AOO one is obfuscated. So, my "blueprint" is Mozilla's.

The text I am using in the README is exactly the same, and I just 
replaced the:
*Please let David Bartlett <> know of any *
*errors that you find.*

*The current release is R 1.18, 11/04/05*

With the text you see after the "---" (my own text)

>> I noticed that my OXT became around 500 kB smaller than the old one.
>> Maybe before it was not used maximum ZIP compression?
> Yes, extracted contents are identical. But with DeflateX the 
> compressed size of the largest file, th_en_US_v2.dat, is 250K smaller 
> in your OXT file, compared to my DeflateN version.
> Now, this works for OpenOffice but it would be good to see if the ODF 
> standard allows DeflateX as a compression method... Please read

> (everything, including quoted messages) and let's try to understand 
> it. I see that the only compression method allowed by the standard is 
> "deflated" (since "stored" is not really a compression). Zipinfo 
> returns "deflated" for both my and your OXT file, so I believe it's OK 
> to use DeflateX, even if this remains a bit unclear.

Andrea, while talking to JZA (Alexandro Colorado) last week or so, he 
told me to test the extension myself since only a few files were 
replaced. I tested it in my AOO 4.0.1 and all worked okay. All words I 
added were no longer recognized as typos.

>> Also, may I be given committer rights so that in future updates I can do
>> it myself without bothering everyone?
> It's not "committer rights", it's ownership of the extension. As I 
> already wrote, please register for the Extensions website 
> , send us (or me) your username and 
> I will have the extension reassigned, so that you will be able to make 
> releases. Again, please always test your extension thoroughly and try 
> to align it with the OpenOffice releases to minimize the confusion to 
> users. But we can aim at making an update available in January, to 
> test the new setup.

Andrea, I created an account but I am having passwords issues:
first I set the username to *marcoagpinto*, then, in the e-mail I 
received it said: "*Marco A.G.Pinto*" and when I clicked in the link I 
received it doesn't allow me to change the password, even if I did try 
to reset it. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,
        >Marco A.G.Pinto


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