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From Pedro Albuquerque <>
Subject Re: Tests for .po files
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 12:12:17 GMT
Em 21/01/2014 12:03, Jürgen Schmidt escreveu:
> On 1/21/14 10:01 AM, Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've implemented the new orthographic agreement, as required to comply
>> with the law. But now I have problems:
>>   * English and Portuguese share several common words, some of them used
>>     in the variables id and the "#:" section of the strings (vectorize,
>>     actualize,etc). Those common words were also affected by the tool I
>>     used. I did already a first diff check and will do another, line by
>>     line in every file, but it's possible that I miss something;
>>   * several rules changed and several accents were eliminated. This is
>>     going to cause (I think) errors like the typo error caused by the
>>     replacement of "carácter" with "caractere".
>> So, two questions:
>> 1. Is there any test I can perform to verify all these problems (other
>>     then visual diff) before uploading the files?
> I don't know if gsicheck is or can be off help here
>> 2. Is there a deadline for AOO 4.1? I'd really like to get it done
>>     before this next release.
> we started with a deadline Jan 27 (see [1]) but we can probably move
> this on demand for a certain language. But I don't want to move it in
> general. We no UI updates for 4.1 as far as I know and I would like to
> merge updates as soon as possible to include them in the snapshots builds.
> In your case it seems that a later merge make sense but I would suggest
> not later than end of February. What do you think?
If there are no more tests to make, I'll have the files uploaded by 
Friday afternoon. If not sooner! I'll post a comment here: when done or not 
(if there is a test with bad results, for example).
If it can't be done in that period, end of February is just fine.
Thank you.

> Juergen
> [1]
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