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From Jose R R <>
Subject Re: Nahuatl, Mexico's language par excellence
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 07:03:35 GMT
Greetings, Louis!

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:44 AM, Louis Suárez-Potts <> wrote:
> José,
> On 10-Jan-2014, at 06:20, Jose R R <> wrote:
>> Niltze!
>> I interested in adding Nahuatl, Mexico people's own and original language,
>> to Apache OpenOffice. Is there anybody already working on it -- or I
>> will be seeding this effort?
>> Tlazohcamati [Thanks].
>> Best Professional Regards.
> This is great! As you may know, we've had here a brief discussion on indigenous languages
and AOO and the lack thereof. There have been, in OO's long history, sporadic interest in
the effort, but as far as I know, despite the numbers and the relative ease of the tasks,
there has not been a sustained effort.
> It's even odder, given that governments (state) generally support efforts of this sort.

With few exceptions (Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia, for instance),
the Iberian-descended (i.e., criollo or creole) oligarchies
controlling governments in 'Latin' America are experts at simulation.

 Thus, since 1696 when king Charles of Spain banned Nahuatl in the New
Spain colony, serious efforts have not been made to preserve and
extend the original language.

This tendency has been true, essentially, after the New Spain criollo
(creole) colony 'gained independence' from Spain in 1810 and
subsequently renamed all of its territory as 'Mexico'. That name
carries a weighty symbolism -- possibly unanticipated by those
criollos (creoles) who made the decision -- an aspect of it is an
implicit admission that Nahuatl should be the official language. ;-)

> And it's not just about Nahuatl. One could also include México's other great indigenous
languages, > as well as those of the Isthmus and South America. (I'd previously mentioned,
for instance, > > > > Quechua, but that was partly as an example and also because
I knew that there was some interest > in the effort there. I've not followed up on it.)
>> --
>> Jose R R
> best
> Louis

Best Professional Regards.

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