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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: [www] [SUGGEST] Change "Native Language" to Dropdown/select box
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 19:18:54 GMT

On 13 May  2014, at 11:56, Tal Daniel <> wrote:

>> On 13 May  Tal Daniel wrote:
>>> I'd like to suggest to replace the "Native Language" link, on
>>> menu to a more visible dropbox.
>>> E.g. Product | Download | ... | "Lanauge: [English ]"
>>> I believe users are more accustomed to select their language from a
>> select
>>> box, rather than clicking "native language" (I remember I had a hard
>> time,
>>> as a beginner OpenOffice site visitor to understand what does this link
>>> mean).
>>> This would also allow faster move to a translated version of the site,
>> for
>>> people who prefer to read it in their language.
>>> + Another suggestion is to move the suggested dropdown box above the menu
>>> bar, somewhere near the search box.
> On Tue, May 13 Louis Suárez-Potts wrote:
>> Andrea can probably correct me here but long ago we did in fact want to
>> use the drop down menu. The issue, then, if not now, was that the tools
>> available were thought not generally in use by visitors to the site.
>> The usual rule of thumb for making things easier for users is to see what
>> the more popular sites do (that seems to work, of course) and emulate it.
> Some examples, to show that a dropdown, or auto redirection ARE common
> practice nowadays:
> * redirects by browser language to
> has a dropdown box on the bottom of
> page (that's surprising), just in
> case [they were wrong].
> * redirects by IP (country) to
> and has a link "Israel - Hebrew
> [Earth icon]" on the bottom of the page, just in case [they were wrong].
> * stays in English, but opens a popup with an offer to be
> redirected to a regional website.
> Oh Marcus, Marcus... where are you when I need your skills the most :)
> Tal

The MSFT example can be perhaps interpreted as an instance of what not to do, despite so many
doing it. (I age visibly after working my way through MSFT sites.) :-)

The JS for this, if this behaviour is what is wanted, is not that hard. What I did before,
is a) go into the source or developer version of the page, as represented by any major browser;
b) then copy the JavaScript or whatever; c) Search for "redirect by IP code for webpage" and
copy and plug in to the page. Then d), test. But this is hacking in its crudest form. :-)


PS the Why page also had a much neater redirect; not sure it's still there.

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