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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Lithuanian (LT) Website
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2014 08:35:28 GMT
On 28/06/2014 Aivaras Stepukonis wrote:
> You can still see the styling discrepancy by juxtaposing, say, this
> with this

OK, so the issue is the large space between the
"Why Apache OpenOffice" H1 heading and the
"Why should I use Apache OpenOffice?" H2 heading at

We indeed have very large vertical whitespace around those elements. H1 
has 15px padding (which could be excessive if we already have the 
padding) + 15px margin at the bottom, while H2 has 38px of margin (this 
seems especially big) + 5px of padding above. I would also investigate 
the 15px left padding around H1, that results in a misalignment (the H1 
is shifted to the right with respect to its natural position).

I'm not going to change any CSS, just CCing Marcus (in case he is not on 
this list) for possible advice.


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