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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: what language were OpenOffice manuals originally written in? (using OpenOffice l10n for a research project question)
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 09:29:44 GMT
Hi Seth,

Seth Flaxman schrieb:
> Dear list,
> I'm hoping you'll humor an outsider working on a natural language machine
> learning question. If there's a more appropriate place to send my question,
> I'd be grateful if you'd let me know.

The root of Apache OpenOffice is StarOffice, developed from StarDivision 
in Germany. Some of those developers are still working on Apache 
OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Besides the developer mailing list Andreas 
already mentioned, you can contact them on IRC.

> I've been using pairs of sentences from OpenOffice manuals in different
> languages (see here: and here for
> a sample: and I'm
> wondering, were the OpenOffice manuals all originally written in English,
> and then translated to other languages? Or might some of the manuals have
> been originally written in German (from the StarOffice days?), and then
> translated into English? And what is the process now--is English the source
> language for translations?

To my knowledge it was this way:

StarOffice had printed manuals and a "online" help, which meant the 
application help, which you get by key F1. Both were written in German. 
You should try to get an old StarOffice 5.1a or 5.2 package for the 
original texts.

When OpenOffice (and StarOffice 6) was released first time, the help got 
reorganized, and then translated from German to English by an external 
service. Then based on this English version the German version was 
build. The effect was, that sometimes the English text was unclear and 
the German text then was wrong, and you need to look into the help of 
StarOffice 5.2 to discover what was meant ;)

 From that time the base language has been English in US variant. Some 
languages (e.g. German) were translated by SUN, others are community 
translated from the beginning. The online help was maintained by Uwe 
Fischer and he can surely tell you internal details. I don't know 
whether he still reads any of the lists here and whether the email is still valid, but it is worth to try to contact him.

Kind regards

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