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From Aivaras Stepukonis <>
Subject Re: Website: Detecting Visitor's Locale
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 10:41:17 GMT
I'm not sure I'm understanding Marcus' concerns correctly.

We already have redirecting on the website. On the download page, 
visitors from Lithuania are offered to download the LT version of AOO - 
Lithuanian (Lietuvių) (lt) - as their first option. This is a good 
practice as for the majority of visitors from Lithuania the LT version 
of AOO is what their looking for.

It is the minor fraction of visitors/visits (i.e., when a Lithuanian 
visitor wants to download a Chinese or English version) that is expected 
to do an extra click and scroll, not vice versa.

The same thing with the website. The majority of visitors from Lithuania 
will prefer the website in Lithuanian. No need to ask them if their do. 
It is not politeness, it is necessary distraction.

My suggestion would be to implement a smooth redirect with the extra 
clicking reserved for those rare occasions when the website in the 
visitor's native language was not his/her intention.

2014.07.10 12:53, Tal Daniel rašė:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 1:21 AM, Marcus (OOo) <> wrote:
>> [...]
>> We can show a message box over the current list items if the website
>> identifies a user that could be redirected to her/his localized NL website.
>> @All: What do you think?
>> Yes, only showing a suggestion to be "... redirected to a website in your
> language?", is a polite way to do it.
> Some websites make a popup for the message, some show it on top, as in your
> example).
> + SAVE one's preference, for next visits.
> + We can show suggestion on EVERY PAGE; not just the homepage (and stop
> nagging about it, after one closes or clicks yes/no).

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