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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject [WEBSITE][DOWNLOAD] Newest updates to webpages
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2014 09:02:41 GMT
Hi all,

I've finished some more work on the download webpages. Because you can 
benefit from these changes for your localized website you may want to 
know how to use it.

- Download webpage:

All the colored boxes + navigation bar + logo section can be defined to 
be shown or not. If they should be shown, the text can be localized in 

For an example see the source code of 

- Download scripting:

Moved all variables and functions into an single global object "DL". Now 
only this object is in the global scope of the browser window and no 
longer every little variable (best practices in JS scripting).

The same for the localization strings in "msg_prop_l10n_XX.js" (global 
object "l10n").

An error text is shown when choosing not suitable select box options 
(e.g., OS X 32-bit + any language + 4.1.0). If it's not possible to 
translate the English wording properly into your language, then (more or 
less) free text can be defined.

See the variables "l10n.dl_error_custom_1_text" until 
"l10n.dl_error_custom_4_text" (depends on the exception case) in 

- Select boxes:

The list items can be localized. The current strings are in English and 
can be found in "msg_prop_l10n_XX.js".

See the variables "l10n.dl_green_box_select_box_os_values", 
"l10n.dl_green_box_select_box_language_values" and 
"l10n.dl_green_box_select_box_version_values" in "msg_prop_l10n_XX.js".

Furthermore, in the language select box the list items have a tool tip 
(native language name + ISO code).

I'm now subscribed to the L10N mailinglist.

And as always, if you need more details just ask. :-)


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