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From Aivaras Stepukonis <>
Subject Website: switching language keeps relative page
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 20:49:30 GMT
This is just an idea for those of you who may find it useful and have 
the skills to implement it.

When one changes the language of the website one is taken to the home 
(topmost) page in that particular language. Wouldn't it be nice to 
retain the relative page when switching the language? Here's what I mean:

Say, I'm on "" and decide to 
switch the language to German. As it is now, I'm taken to 
"". In many cases, though, especially when 
comparing or cross-checking stuff, it would be more handy to be taken to 
"". That is to say, by switching 
the language one gets to view the counterpart ("same") page in that 
language: e.g., if on ".../lt/download/", then to ".../de/download/"; if 
on ".../pt/why/", then to ".../hu/why/", etc.

What do you think?



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