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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Website: switching language keeps relative page
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 21:06:08 GMT
Am 01/12/2015 09:49 PM, schrieb Aivaras Stepukonis:
> This is just an idea for those of you who may find it useful and have
> the skills to implement it.
> When one changes the language of the website one is taken to the home
> (topmost) page in that particular language. Wouldn't it be nice to
> retain the relative page when switching the language? Here's what I mean:
> Say, I'm on "" and decide to
> switch the language to German. As it is now, I'm taken to
> "". In many cases, though, especially when
> comparing or cross-checking stuff, it would be more handy to be taken to
> "". That is to say, by switching
> the language one gets to view the counterpart ("same") page in that
> language: e.g., if on ".../lt/download/", then to ".../de/download/"; if
> on ".../pt/why/", then to ".../hu/why/", etc.
> What do you think?

I've seen one detail which could be a bigger obstacle.

Not only the webpages are localized, also the relative pages/directories 
can be localized, e.g., ".../de/downloads/", ".../fr/Telecharger/", 
".../es/descargar/". This has to be taken into account. Furthermore, the 
implementation has to be case-sensitive.


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