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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Website: switching language keeps relative page
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2015 18:43:59 GMT
Am 01/16/2015 07:30 PM, schrieb Marcus:
> Am 01/16/2015 04:28 PM, schrieb Aivaras Stepukonis:
>> You seem to be referring to the same issue. Is it a good thing to
>> localize the names of folders and files? I am not a programmer but it
>> looks to me that it would create clutter, no?
> that's a good question, indeed. :-) We need to answer this (and find a
> common agreement, of course) before we can change a thing.
>> The folders and files of the website are not there to address the
>> visitors of the website interested in AOO as a software product. The
>> folders and files of the website are things "under the hood" and as such
>> should stay in English. And even English here is better understood not
>> as a vernacular, but a universally adopted tagging or marking technique.
>> So I would tend not to localize the names of folders and files.
>  From an admin point of view I would agree with you. However, I'll ask a
> colleague at work if there will be any problems with SEO when we
> keep/change every directory and file name in English (e.g., getting a
> bad ranking in Google search results).

I've today spoken to a SEO expert. He told me that due to the very good 
standing of OpenOffice the page ranking shouldn't be worse - and if so 
not for long.

However, he has suggested not to do these changes as it would be a 
larege technical change but with a low benefit for the users. Actually I 
haven't heard of users that complain of this.

Of course we shouldn't wait for user complains to fix things. But in 
this case I also think that the consideration of user benefit vs. 
technical effort is not balanced. We would have much to do for nearly no 

My 2 ct.


>> 2015.01.12 23:08, Ariel Constenla-Haile rašė:
>>> This wouldn't be so straight-forward, because localized sites may have
>>> localized folders; for example, in the Spanish site the folder are
>>> "descargar" = download
>>> "por-que" -> ¿Por qué? = why
>>> (This shows how precarious and primitive is the current way of
>>> maintaining the whole thing, where some change in the English download
>>> page may brake everything).
>> 2015.01.12 23:06, Marcus rašė:
>>> Not only the webpages are localized, also the relative
>>> pages/directories can be localized, e.g., ".../de/downloads/",
>>> ".../fr/Telecharger/", ".../es/descargar/". This has to be taken into
>>> account. Furthermore, the implementation has to be case-sensitive

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