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From Aivaras Stepukonis <>
Subject Re: Website: proposal for new contributors page
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2015 19:57:08 GMT
The reason for the page is to to make contributors more visible to local 
users for networking opportunities. All this at the local level.

Since joining the community two or so years ago I have been approached 
as a contributor and a localizer only once. There may be many reasons 
for this, but one of them is we're (working contributors) are not 
visible for the general public (non-contributing folks who stop to flip 
a few pages without delving any deeper).

Please, note I'm suggesting the contributor page to be part of a local 
subsite (fostering contact sharing within an ethnic and/or linguistic 
locale). It is not meant to be generic or historical.

If we, physical contributors, cannot be contacted here by the general 
public it will happen somewhere else. I'd rather see the Lithuanian 
subsite becoming the hub for all matters (and thus Internet traffic) 
concerning the Lithuanian version of AOO and not some external site such 
as "" that uses the address and the name of 
OpenOffice to promote LibreOffice.

How did that come about? Well the enthusiasm of the maintainers of the 
aforementioned website for one product (AOO) at an earlier time turned 
into enthusiasm for another product (LO) at a later time. The chances 
for such vicissitudes of life would have been minimized had it all been 
happening under "".

I find it rather paradoxical to have a webpage for the contacts of 
professional (paid?) consultants 
("") and not have an 
equivalent for volunteering contributors. Don't you?


2015.01.23 21:10, Louis Suárez-Potts rašė:
>> On 23 Jan 2015, at 11:03, Aivaras Stepukonis <> wrote:
>> I'd like to share with you a proposal for adding to the website a page dedicated
to contributors.
>> For an example, please, see "".
>> The webpage should be accessible from the navigation bar (i.e., Product | Download
| Support | ... | Contributors).
>> The webpage is intended for the world at large, not the contributors' community (we
have directories of volunteers in the Wiki for this). It is meant to increase our chances
to be seen as contributors and to build social bridges to the external world by providing
concise information about ourselves as volunteers and contributors.
>> What do you think?
>> Regards,
>> Aivaras
> It's an interesting idea but a) I think this post ought to be to the dev@ list or marketing@;
and b) we currently use, which is referred
to by the OpenOffice splash screen (I think) and "About" screen and probably elsewhere (at
one point, I think it was listed in the marketing project, download, etc.). In general, I'm
reluctant to add new or change existing pages unless there's a compelling reason to, as that
way bitrot lies. However, we can also add more pages that refer to those lists.
> louis
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