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From Ricardo Palomares Martínez <>
Subject New version of Spanish Dictionaries for
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2015 17:15:25 GMT

After a long time since version 0.7, we have finally put it together a
new version of Spanish spell checking and thesaurus dictionaries (we
have migrated the project from its old home, , to GitHub):

IIRC, posting here the link to new versions is enough for you to
include them in the Spanish binaries of next scheduled version of Am I right?

Spanish dictionary extensions can be found in this query of extensions site, selecting the extensions whose author
is "Recursos lingüísticos abiertos del español":

Last time we asked about it, extensions in repository
could be managed only by one user, which was managed by Santiago
Bosio, original author of RLA-ES project. Unfortunately, Santiago has
strong personal issues which forces him to be away from the project,
so we can't count on him to be available to upload the new version.

Is there any way to upload the extensions to the website? Perhaps we
should see how to transfer the ownership of the extensions author user
from Santiago to someone else active in the Spanish dictionaries
project. We might get in touch with Santiago to get his approval, but
it could take months (which is not a problem currently, since it will
be a while until next version).


Ricardo Palomares (RickieES)

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