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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: New version of Spanish Dictionaries for
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2015 14:06:57 GMT
On 11/04/2015 Ricardo Palomares Martínez wrote:
> IIRC, posting here the link to new versions is enough for you to
> include them in the Spanish binaries of next scheduled version of
> Am I right?

Almost. We need to see them uploaded to the Extensions site since we 
can't depend on external sites. Currently, our source code
uses (release number 4, which 
is your 0.7).

> Last time we asked about it, extensions in repository
> could be managed only by one user, which was managed by Santiago
> Bosio, original author of RLA-ES project. Unfortunately, Santiago has
> strong personal issues which forces him to be away from the project,
> so we can't count on him to be available to upload the new version.

Extensions can be maintained by a team. I recommend that you ask to be 
added as co-maintainers for that extension, or for a set of extensions. 
You will need to register first. Then the current maintainer can add 
your account as co-maintainer and you will be able to upload new 
releases. If Santiago is unavailable, it is still recommended that he at 
least sends an e-mail to this list with his approval, and we can then 
look for a way to get the actual work done by a site administrator.


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