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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] General Availability of ApacheOpenOffice 4.1.2-patch1 Hotfixes
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 18:41:52 GMT
Am 08/23/2016 08:08 PM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
> [BCC PMC, FYI QA and L10N]
> There have been no comments concerning the placement of the current materials into general
> In addition, there is a set of Dutch (Nederland) language that also passes all tests
and has been carefully proof-read.  These have been added to the directory folder.  (They
are not reflected in the hotfix.html so far.)

I would prefer to have an own webpage for all languages. Otherwise we 
will have a hugh webpage for a little patch which isn't looking smart IMHO.

> A set of German (Deutsch) language scripts has been prepared and had to be changed from
Unicode (UTF8) to ISO 8859-1 (Western European) in order to run properly on Windows XP.  The
script window does not show extended characters used in German on an English Windows XP, but
the scripts run correctly.  They should appear correctly in Windows XP installs set for Western
European languages.  This part remains to be confirmed.  See<>.
> If the German version is not complete today, I propose going ahead with the general distribution
of the English and Dutch ones and adding the German set later.

German won't be ready in the next hours but hopefu─║ly within this week. 
So, we should go online with the stuff we have.


>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Dennis E. Hamilton []
>> Sent: Friday, August 19, 2016 15:02
>> To:
>> Subject: [PROPOSAL] General Availability of ApacheOpenOffice 4.1.2-
>> patch1 Hotfixes
>> At this time, the preparation and dev@/qa@ confirmation of the AOO
>> 4.1.2-patch1 Hotfixes has quieted.
>> I propose that the current binaries be placed into general availability.
>> I am initiating lazy consensus to end not before Tuesday, 2016-08-
>> 23T22:00Z.
>>   * The file hotfix.html at
>>     <>
>>     will be made available at
>>     <>
>>   * The directory folder
>>     <
>> patch1/binaries/>
>>     will be made available as a subdirectory of
>>     <>.
>>    * The CVE-2016-1513 advisory,
>>      <>,
>>      will be reissued to include availability of the hotfix and
>>      refer users to the hotfix.html page in the archive 4.1.2-patch1
>>      location.
>>    * There will be an accompanying announcement on dev@, users@,
>>      and in the two bugzilla issues related to the defect that the
>>      hotfix applies to.
>> You can find everything to be made available by starting with the
>> hotfix.html page at
>> <
>> patch1/hotfix.html>.
>> IGNORE the Source column.  The source release has already occurred, and
>> those links will not be valid until deployment of hotfix.html to the
>> archive location.
>> The README files are the next materials to examine.  There you can learn
>> more about the hotfix for each of the four platforms: Windows, MacOSX,
>> Linux32, and Linux64.  Follow any of the procedures that you want to
>> verify.

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