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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Arabic translation complete for Apache OpenOffice 4.x
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2018 11:25:09 GMT
On 06/02/2018 Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
> I have managed, in the last week or so since registering for the Pootle service, to complete
translating & reviewing the last 5000ish words remaining for the Arabic language, and
now I am wondering what happens.

Thanks! Now what should normally happen is... well, let me divide theory 
and practice.

Theory: we import your translation from Pootle into SDF files. See (from last 
week) for the process overview. Then you and someone else verify that 
the translation works well on some test builds. Then we add it to 
supported languages and the next version is distributed in Arabic too.

Practice (all of these issues are not for Arabic but for all languages, 
since we have been reviving the project but there is still a lot of work 
to do): Pootle is not aligned with the latest code; being 100% in Pootle 
does not mean that you are OK for the next (say, 4.2.0) release, and 
unfortunately it is not aligned perfectly with 4.1.5 either. I 
anticipate a large number of problems when we try to build the SDF file. 
I've been trying the same for French and Portuguese, two languages that 
I can read much better than Arabic, and I still have issues. So we will 
need to be in contact about all the broken strings and check why they 
are broken, one by one: it may be that the translation is broken, but in 
the Portuguese case the translation in Pootle is correct and the export 
is faulty, or at least this is where the latest investigations are leading.

> So on the website: .... it mentions how the translation
of the user interface is at 94%

It can stay since the Help is still untranslated, as Keith pointed out. 
Actually the fact that the help is untranslated could even be an 
advantage, since if I recall correctly the issues with French and 
Portuguese are all in the Help.

>  will the Arabic language be made available for the newest version of OpenOffice?

That is the aim. As explained above, it still needs work on our (mine) 
side, on your side in response to that, and possibly on the 
infrastructure side to fix the export. All of us are volunteers, so 
things take time. But with a bit of patience we can manage.

Do you have any recent 64-bit Linux systems available for testing? In 
that platform I can provide builds myself so we can skip some steps. If 
you only have Windows/Mac available, someone else must do the builds and 
this needs more coordination.


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