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From Ahmad Alawsie <>
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 22:39:34 GMT
Hi all,

My apologies for the error in the email where the pictures I have inserted into the mail do
not display. So I have now attached a word document file where the pictures are there to see,
please take some time to see this error as this needs to be raised as an issue for the relevant
team/individuals to work on and fix. In my opinion, this feature may prove to be vital to
the translation progress of not only Arabic, but all languages, because I feel it will make
everyone’s translation work more time-efficient and easier rather than using two window
tabs to navigate between the Apache Translation Pootle Service webpage, and Google Translate
webpage. Please (relevant individuals) do get back to me to discuss ideas on how this case
can be moved forward.

Thanks again everyone.

Kind regards,

Ahmad A

From: Ahmad Alawsie<>
Sent: 01 February 2018 00:55

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am mailing you all to raise awareness to an issue that I
have encountered whilst translating strings on the Apache Translate Pootle Service. So whilst
I’m translating, I decided to fiddle around with the website a little and came across an
issue that occurs not only in the Arabic translation section, but for all other languages
such as French, German, Italian and so on. Take a look at the picture below and be aware of
where my cursor is pointing at...


So I am attempting to click the “Google translate (EN->AR) button”, and I expect it
to either open a new window directing me to the google translate page, or maybe a mini-window
on the current webpage I’m on, or at the very least, automatically translate the English
string to Arabic based on Google translation. None of that happens, though, and instead I
receive an error message at the bottom of the webpage saying “Google Translate Error. The
request is missing a valid API key”.


I hope this makes sense to you all and am looking to hearing back from the relevant individual/s
on a solution to this issue, as the existence of that button is there to work, and not be
out of order. I would also like to express my interest in potentially helping you out with
fixing this and other related problems as I am a sufficiently experienced coder too and not
only a translator 😊

Thanks again everyone and I wish you all the best.



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