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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Refresh Pootle for Translation 4.2
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2018 18:51:36 GMT
Mechtilde wrote:
> as already wrote, I try to work on translation update.
> Now I could get an actual *.sdf file from source code.

Thanks, Mechtilde! Could you please start from my notes at and copy them to a wiki page (or, if you don't 
like wiki, to a text file to be then copied to a wiki page) so that you 
can take advantage of what I already wrote and fix it?

> After preparing a build directory there I could start localize successful.

OK, so for example my item 1 from the link above
1. A full checkout of trunk; I believe some of the tools are built
during the build process, but I'm using a fully built tree anyway.
should be improved to say that you don't actually need a full build (but 
you still need to initialize the build process).

> I could also create *.pot file with oo2po from *.sdf file. There I get
> many *.pot files in different directories.

I assume you will be looking at German with more attention, right? I 
recommend to just start with one language, since having all SDF files is 
useless anyway (Pootle has only a selection of languages).

Once we get a few languages working, generalizing won't be hard.

> Now I downloaded a *.zip file from Pootle with the previous German
> translation. Must I do it for every language manually? How can I do it
> effectivly?

I would suggest this: do the same steps as I did for French and 
Portuguese in the discussion above. Let's check if we get to the same 
conclusions, i.e., that Pootle is in a bad state that does not 
correspond to any release.

> Then I can look for the next steps.

Please note that, as I wrote, we need to go the opposite direction: from 
Pootle to SDF. But we need to re-learn both flows, so it's really good 
if you repeat all the process from my earlier notes.

So your next major steps would be:
- Exporting German from Pootle (not to Pootle) and build 4.1.6 (not 
4.2.0) based on it
- Understanding the "malformed string" error messages when doing the 
above and their impact on the resulting build; this is where I stopped 
on 31 Dec last year, and I think nobody has done further work ever since.


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