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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Refresh Pootle for Translation 4.2
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2018 15:25:46 GMT
Dick Groskamp wrote:
> I have to check the Dutch strings against the en-US.sdf but I'm not 
> capable to make my own build.
> Then I should have the en-US.sdf because it can be localized from the 
> build 4.1.6.

Sure. It was not part of my 4.1.6 build tree, but I've generated it 
(according to my old notes, link already sent multiple times) with
main$ localize -e -l en-US -f /tmp/en-US.sdf
### Localize
WARNING: .../main/../extras/l10n/source/en-US/localize.sdf not found ....
### Fetching source language strings
.../main/solver/416/ special path!
Localizing repository ...
4044 files found!

I hope the warnings above are not critical.

Here is the SDF file. My notes say you should expect a 99.8% match:

> as Andrea requested and see if there are problems which should be 
> corrected before releasing 4.1.6

More than 4.1.6 (where we wouldn't include translation fixes anyway), 
this is to test the other part of the workflow: Mechtilde is working in 
the other direction at the moment, but we must of course also preserve 
work by the translators and be able to merge volunteer's work that now 
exists only in Pootle.


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