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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: Refresh Pootle for Translation 4.2
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2018 14:44:27 GMT
Op 17-11-2018 om 12:55 schreef Mechtilde:

> Hello Dick,
> Am 16.11.18 um 17:52 schrieb Dick Groskamp:
>> Andrea,
>> I would be happy to give it a try.
>> I don't seem to be able to make my own build.
>> For the check with GSIcheck I need the en-US.sdf that 4.1.5 is build
>> with (or to be precise: that is generated from the build of 4.1.5).
>> Could someone please provide me with one, or better yet, could it be
>> uploaded somewhere so anyone can get it ?
> why do you want the *.sdf of version 4.1.5 at the timme 4.1.6 will be
> released?
> I will prepare it for 4.2.x so wie can start then with a new update round.
> If the file is technical ok I will provide it.
> Kind regards
Because I have some big fingers :-)

It should have said 4.1.6 of course.

I have to check the Dutch strings against the en-US.sdf but I'm not 
capable to make my own build.

Then I should have the en-US.sdf because it can be localized from the 
build 4.1.6.

Now I''m dependent on someone willing to share, then I'll try to run 
GSIcheck on the Dutch strings from Pootle

as Andrea requested and see if there are problems which should be 
corrected before releasing 4.1.6

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.5 (Dutch) and scanned with Ziggo Safe Online (F-Secure)

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