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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: Refresh Pootle for Translation 4.2
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2018 18:04:24 GMT
As far as my memory serves me, no additions to Pootle were made after 
3.3 or 3.4.
Pootle came to a halt in probably the year or the year after it went to 

Therefore there will be differences.

Having the old translations in Pootle would require an upgrading of the 
templates in Pootle, used for the translations, with preservation of the 
translated strings.
I've done no work on the translations for AOO since Pootle came to a 
halt (except for some small changes)

In the past, someone with admin rights for Pootle, put the genereated 
pot-files on Pootle, updated all languages and then we could go translating.

As far as I can see in the documentation for Pootle, that has not changed.
It therefore should be possible to upgrade from the newly generated SDF, 
through generated POT-files with preservation of the old strings.

Don't know if there is anyone available from the "old days" with 
knowledge of Pootle.

I mainly worked with translated PO-files ( checking with GSIcheck and 
repairing errors and then putting the corrected PO-files back)
Don't know how Pootle is set up.

Op 13-11-2018 om 19:51 schreef Andrea Pescetti:
> Mechtilde wrote:
>> as already wrote, I try to work on translation update.
>> Now I could get an actual *.sdf file from source code.
> Thanks, Mechtilde! Could you please start from my notes at 
> and copy them to a wiki page (or, if you 
> don't like wiki, to a text file to be then copied to a wiki page) so 
> that you can take advantage of what I already wrote and fix it?
>> After preparing a build directory there I could start localize 
>> successful.
> OK, so for example my item 1 from the link above
>    ---
> 1. A full checkout of trunk; I believe some of the tools are built
> during the build process, but I'm using a fully built tree anyway.
>    ---
> should be improved to say that you don't actually need a full build 
> (but you still need to initialize the build process).
>> I could also create *.pot file with oo2po from *.sdf file. There I get
>> many *.pot files in different directories.
> I assume you will be looking at German with more attention, right? I 
> recommend to just start with one language, since having all SDF files 
> is useless anyway (Pootle has only a selection of languages).
> Once we get a few languages working, generalizing won't be hard.
>> Now I downloaded a *.zip file from Pootle with the previous German
>> translation. Must I do it for every language manually? How can I do it
>> effectivly?
> I would suggest this: do the same steps as I did for French and 
> Portuguese in the discussion above. Let's check if we get to the same 
> conclusions, i.e., that Pootle is in a bad state that does not 
> correspond to any release.
>> Then I can look for the next steps.
> Please note that, as I wrote, we need to go the opposite direction: 
> from Pootle to SDF. But we need to re-learn both flows, so it's really 
> good if you repeat all the process from my earlier notes.
> So your next major steps would be:
> - Exporting German from Pootle (not to Pootle) and build 4.1.6 (not 
> 4.2.0) based on it
> - Understanding the "malformed string" error messages when doing the 
> above and their impact on the resulting build; this is where I stopped 
> on 31 Dec last year, and I think nobody has done further work ever since.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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