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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Website – Download – Git hash
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2020 18:35:45 GMT
Am 02.03.20 um 19:34 schrieb Marcus:
> Am 21.02.20 um 12:16 schrieb Aivaras Stepukonis:
>> Thanks for the explanation!
>> Ideally, "hash" should be translated as it is what it is: a common 
>> English noun in what is otherwise a page in another language. In fact, 
>> "hash" is already used /and/ translated on the same page in the 
>> ensuing two lines ("Signatures and hashes […]"). A visitor who knows 
>> what "hash" means will find instances of it both translated and 
>> untranslated on the same page and will tend to interpret the situation 
>> as linguistic inconsistency and negligence.
>> Overall, if we cling to the principle of AOO and its website being 
>> subject to localization, technical solutions should ensure the 
>> principle is upheld.
>> Having said that, it is ultimately a matter of just how much resources 
>> we have and how we allocate them. It's a finite and contingent world. 
>> Marcus, your presence, expertise, and input, very much appreciated!
> I'm waiting now since some days to get more feedback but I think there 
> is no one else speaking up.
> The effort would be to do the following:
> - update every release item of the release matrix
> - extract the "SVN" and "Git hash" terms
> - put these terms into the *.msg files for every language
> - that needs to be translated into the respective language, otherwise 
> it's still in English and nothing is won ;-)
> - create a logic to identify if the release is based on SVN or Git
> IMHO it's way too much effort for to less benefit.

of course when there would be a bigger rework on these webpages then we 
can include this. However, at the moment there is none planned.


>> 2020-02-20 21:02, Marcus rašė:
>>> Am 20.02.20 um 16:53 schrieb Aivaras Stepukonis:
>>>> On the download page, right below the green download box, there's a 
>>>> line starting with "Release […] | Build ID […] | Git hash […]". I'd

>>>> like to translate the word "hash" but can't locate it in the HTML 
>>>> files. I was expecting to find it in 
>>>> "msg_prop_l10n_en.js/msg_prop_l10n_lt.js" but couldn't. Does anyone 
>>>> have an idea/inkling where it's coming from?
>>> you can find it here:
>>> .../ooo-site/trunk/content/download/release_matrix.js
>>> As we have changed from SVN to Git recently I've put it there. 
>>> Otherwise I need to query which release should be displayed and 
>>> decide with a JS logic if "SVN" or "Git" has to be written in tothe 
>>> light green box.
>>> I hope it's OK for you to keep this is in English. IMHO the word 
>>> "hash" is not too special so that a translation isn't really needed.
>>> BTW:
>>> In German it would be "Prüfsumme" which is much longer and IMHO it 
>>> sounds a bit bulky. ;-)

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