Nope, this MUST NOT happen.

Otoh it's also not supported to initialize any bean in AfterDeploymentValidation, as only _after_ that event all the contexts will get started.

It's by incident that the ApplicationContext is already started before in OWB - but there is nothing in the spec which guarantees this!

It might be some classloader issue as well. I'd open a PMR for it.

On Friday, 11 April 2014, 10:19, Lars-Fredrik Smedberg <> wrote:

We have an @ApplicationScoped bean that is first created in a CDI Extension (in a method that @Observes AfterDeploymentValidation) .
After creation the method calls an init-method (together with some data collected in a method @Observes ProcessAnnotatedType) on the
@ApplicationScoped bean which internally sets a flag. This flag is checked by all business methods on the bean (a flag that marks the
bean as initialized). 

There are no other method that explicitly sets the flag to false, the only time the flag is false is when the bean has been created the first 

We are running WAS and see in our trace logs that after some time the flag is false which indicates that the @ApplicationScoped
bean has been recreated.


- Can @ApplicationScoped beans be recycled/reinitialized somehow? And if so under what circumstances?


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