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From Vojtěch Zavřel <>
Subject Proxying varargs methods
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 09:25:59 GMT
  it seems that there is a problem when proxying varargs methods in OWB 
1.2.x (at least 1.2.2 and 1.2.4). Can you confirm it?

The bahaviour is that java.lang.reflect.Method.isVarArgs() returns false 
(if the object is OWB proxied) even if the method has varargs MODIFIER. 
There is a simple solution with modification of classes 
NormalScopeProxy, InterceptorDecoratorProxyFactory and 
NormalScopeProxyFactory. The targetModifiers are calculated in 
noncomplete way. The right way is adding bitwise inclusive OR also for 
VARARGS modifier (which is not public in Java API).

static final int VARARGS = 0x00000080;
final int targetModifiers = delegatedMethod.getModifiers() & 
(Modifier.PROTECTED | Modifier.PUBLIC | VARARGS);

Version 1.1.x that have bean using javaassist was fine. Same issue used 
to be in WELD (


Vojtěch Zavřel

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