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From Lars-Fredrik Smedberg <>
Subject WAS and Application Context during @Asynchronous EJB method calls
Date Wed, 07 May 2014 08:42:47 GMT

We are using Websphere (right now Liberty Profile April Beta since we use
Liberty Profile in development and need the async EJB functionality) to
test CDI, EJB and @Asynchronous method calls.

The scenario is the folowing:

1. An @ApplicationScoped bean is configured by an Event fired by
RequestContextListener (we could not fire the event from a
ServletContextListener, more on that in another post).
2. I have debugged and can see that the event reaches the
@ApplicationScoped bean and it gets initialized.
3. The @Asynchronous method on the EJB injects and uses the
@ApplicationScoped bean BUT the contextual instance is NOT the same as the
one in 2 above (and its therefore not initialized properly).

If I remove the @Asynchronous annotation from the EJB method and re-run the
scenario above everything works fine (the contextual instance of the
@ApplicationScoped bean is the same).

I see in 6.7.3 of the CDI 1.0 specification (1.0 since we use WAS) that the
Application context should be shared and the @Asynchronous scenario above
should work.

Did I misunderstand something or is this a bug that we should report to IBM?


Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards

Lars-Fredrik Smedberg

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