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From Vojtěch Zavřel <>
Subject Direct specialization problem
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:51:43 GMT
  it seams there is an implementation error in InjectionResolver when 
resolving @Specializes annotated bean. The problem is in situation, when 
there are three producers.

1. Producer X
2. Producer Y
3. Producer Z directly override Y with @Specializes annotation

So there are three candidates that means result.size() == 3; This should 
throw AmbiguousResolutionException because even there is a 
Specialization there are still two candidate beans X and Z.

In such case the behaviour of the InjectionResolver.findBySpecialization 
method is:
         while (it.hasNext())
             AbstractOwbBean<?> component = (AbstractOwbBean<?>);
             if (component.isSpecializedBean() && component.isEnabled())

         if (res.size() > 0)
             return res;
     Because there is exactly one component marked as @Specializes this 
one is added to the res and than the res.size() == 1. But the 
specification says:

3.3.3. Specializing a producer method
If a producer method X is annotated @Specializes, then it must be 
non-static and directly override another producer method Y. Then 
X directly specializes Y, as defined in [specialization] 
If the method is static or does not directly override another producer 
method, the container automatically detects the problem and treats it as 
a definition error.

In my opinion there is not implemented test if it is direct 
specialization and this is a bug. Am I right?


Vojtech Zavrel

Mgr. Vojtěch Zavřel
System architect
AURA, s.r.o.
Úvoz 499/56
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 544 508 181
Fax: +420 544 508 112
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