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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject CDI container performance
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2014 09:37:21 GMT

Yesterday I wrote a small micro benchmark to test the performance of some CDI containers.
The outcome was pretty stunning - but best if you run it yourself:

$> git clone
$> cd cdi-performance

Just look for the output:    ALL THE STUFF TOOK: xxx ms

The default profile runs with owb-1.2.6 which is currently used in TomEE-1.7.1:

$> mvn clean install

If you have OWB trunk installed you can also try the performance of OWB-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT:
$> mvn clean install -POWB15

There is also a profile -POWB11 for testing OpenWebBeans-1.1.x.
$> mvn clean install -POWB11 -Dowb.version=1.1.8

The numbers of the Reference Implementation (RI: Weld) can be tested via
$> mvn clean install -PWeld

but take your time and let it run - no it doesn't hang ;)

The version of OWB can be defined as parameter '-Dowb.version=1.2.0' and similar for Weld:
'-Dweld.version=2.2.5.Final' if you like to test the latest RI version.

Feel free to debug into it if you don't believe our sheer crazy performance!

As a result of this performance I was able to serve FAT applications with BIG pages (huge
JSF datatables) within under 150ms where other EE containers took 2 seconds++...


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