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From Remo Meier <>
Subject Meecrowave Roadmap
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2017 16:56:34 GMT

I would have a number of questions and feedback about Meecrowave. I may 
also be able to contribute a few things.

1. Is there any alignment planned with EE4J or micro-profile? In 
contrast to other approaches like Wildfly Swarm, Meecrowave for sure is 
a big step in the right direction for JEE IMHO.

2. Will it stay a openwebbeans thing? Or are you also interested in 
contributions from other JEE vendors? My company is married to Weld & 
Hibernate for example, but likes Deltaspike, Tomcat and CXF from the 
Apache side. With CDI and Jigsaw I would expect something like this to 
work in the future with JEE.

3. Asciidoc for documentation would be great.

4. I'm not so familiar with the Apache guidelines regarding 
collaboration. But Git, Github presence, Travis, Sonar, Gitter or 
similar would be great to have.

5. In terms of missing features and contributions, for example JSR 352 
Batch (like jberet), Weld, metrics, health checks, configuration API, 
Hibernate and opinionated Gradle plugins to create RPMs (with systemd 
integration) and docker would be great to have.

Regards Remo

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