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From Laird Nelson <>
Subject @Intercepted Bean<?> failure
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2018 19:08:25 GMT
Hello; before I file an issue I'd like to check the behavior I'm observing
with this list.  I've also put this on StackOverflow (

I am using the Narayana transaction CDI machinery (
It works fine in a standalone CDI 2.0 application when Weld is the
implementation.  It fails in OpenWebBeans 2.0.8.

Specifically, the Narayana project includes several interceptors (
The common base class they all share has this code (

private Bean<?> interceptedBean;

A standalone CDI application attempting to use a transactional method:

public void frobnicate() {
  // whatever

…fails with (ultimately):

Caused by: javax.enterprise.inject.UnsatisfiedResolutionException: Api type
[javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Bean] is not found with the qualifiers
for injection into Field Injection Point, field name :  interceptedBean,
Bean Owner : [TransactionalInterceptorNotSupported,
WebBeansType:INTERCEPTOR, Name:null, API
[and so on]

Note the @Named(value="interceptedBean") qualifier.  I'm not sure why that
shows up as the Narayana extension does not add that qualifier and it is
not present in the interceptor.

I assume this is a bug in OpenWebBeans, yes?


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