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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: Apache-AuthenNTLM 0.21
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 06:28:46 GMT

has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GR/GRICHTER/Apache-AuthenNTLM-0.21.tar.gz
  size: 49239 bytes
   md5: 292ec3e15bdb8c407b2b45704a147b09

This release mainly fixes bugs in the communication with the smb server.

The purpose of this module is to perform a user authentication via
Mircosofts NTLM protocol. This protocol is supported by all
versions of the Internet Explorer and is mainly usefull for intranets.
Depending on your preferences setting IE will supply your windows
logon credentials to the web server when the server asks for NTLM
authentication. This saves the user to type in his/her password again.

To support users that aren't using Internet Explorer, Apache::AuthenNTLM
can also perform basic authentication depending on it's configuration.



Changes since 0.15:

0.21  03. Sept 2002

   - Fixed bug that had cut nonce on null byte, which cause
     smb auth to fail randomly

0.20  27. Aug 2002
   - Directly close connection to smb server after validation 

0.19  26. Aug 2002

   - Fixed in smbval c library to allow multiple connections at the same
     time (i.e. set VcNumber to 1 instead of 0)
   - Rewored serialziation code. It now makes sure that the whole
     request to the smb server is serialzied.
   - Added semtimeout directive to avoid endless locks.
   - Debug messages cleanup. Now can set ntlmdebug to 1 or 2 to
     get less/more verbose infomations.

0.18  23. Aug 2002

   - Update smbval library
   - Fixed problem with guest access. Before 0.18 smbval lib would
     logon any user if the domain contains a guest account.
     Patch from Eric Devolder.
   - Fixed problem that smbval lib cannot handle two requests at
     the same time. I don't know if this is a general problem
     of the smb protocol, but after doing a lot of research
     the only solution I found is to serialzie all requests
     to the server. See also PerlSetVar ntlmsemkey.
   - Added fallbackdomain which is used when the domain the user
     supplied is not configured. Patch from David B. Pasirstein.
   - Fixed missing headers for Basic Auth. Patch from  David B. Pasirstein.
   - Make username always lowercase in connection record, to avoid
     problems when comparing user name (e.g. in q require directive)

0.17  19. Apr 2002

   - fix bug with ntlmauthoritative off
   - fix compile problem on FreeBSD reported by Ryan Parr.

0.16  14. Apr 2002

   - Return DECLINE to pass request to next authentication handler
     in case ntlmauthoritative is not set and a communication error
     with the Domain Controller has occured.
   - Return DECLINE to pass request to next authentication handler
     in case ntlmauthoritative is not set and we have credentials
     for another authorization method given from the browser.
   - Log the connection header in debug mode to see if it's a keep
     alive request.

Gerald Richter    ecos electronic communication services gmbh
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