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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Bricolage 1.6.5
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 01:27:09 GMT
I'm pleased to announce announce the release of Bricolage 1.6.5.
This maintenance release addresses a number issues discovered since
the release of version 1.6.4. Some of the more important changes

     *   Previewing stories with related media that have no associated 
         no longer causes an error.

     *   Switched to using "DBI->connect_cached()" from using our own
         database connection caching. This change does bump up the 
         required version of DBI to 1.18, though the latest version is 
         recommended. It's also the right thing to do.

     *   Fixed issue that could cause Bric::Util::DBI to create 
         transaction states.

     *   Passing an undef via the "workflow__id" parameters to the 
         method of Story, Media, or Template really does again cause
         Bricolage to correctly return only those assets that are not in
         workflow. It wasn't as fixed in 1.6.3 as I had thought.

     *   Vastly improved the speed of the query that lists events, and 
         an index to help it along, as well.

     *   The FTP mover now properly deletes files rather than erroring 

     *   Users without EDIT access to the start desk in a workflow can no
         longer create assets in that workflow. Nor can they check out 
         from the library, as there's no start desk for them to check 
them in
         to. But they can still check them out from other desks that they
         have EDIT access to.

     *   Time zone issues have been fixed to be more portable. Some 
         that experienced Bricolage unexpectedly shifting cover dates and
         other dates and times by several hours should no longer see this

     *   Adding a new element type with the same name as an existing or
         deleted element type no longer causes an SQL error.

For a complete list of the changes, see the changes file at:


Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content management and
publishing system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use,
a full-fledged templating system with complete HTML::Mason and
HTML::Template support for flexibility, and many other features. It
operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment, and uses the PostgreSQL
RDBMS for its repository. A comprehensive, actively-developed open
source CMS, Bricolage has been hailed as "Most Impressive" in 2002 by

Learn more about Bricolage and download it from the Bricolage home page,



David Wheeler                                     AIM: dwTheory                              ICQ: 15726394                     Yahoo!: dew7e
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