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From Jean-Michel Hiver <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] MKDoc::Apache_Cache
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 09:48:53 GMT
Speedup Apache::Registry scripts!

Not so long ago I was enquiring the mod_perl list on how to capture
Apache::RegistryNG's output by subclassing it. Thanks to the list help,
here is this new module.

MKDoc::Apache_Cache is a drop-in replacement for Apache::Registry. It
uses Cache::FileCache as a caching mechanism and the MKDoc::Control_List
module as a configuration format to define caching policies.

[Sorry Randal. I was too lazy to be lazy and use your dual server
solution thingy]

What's pretty cool about MKDoc::Apache_Cache is the amount of control
you get over what to cache, under which circumstances, and for how long.

Of course this is version 0.1, so some early users and feedback would be
much appreciated :)


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