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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE]: mod_perl 1.99_12
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 20:24:59 GMT
The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

   file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/ST/STAS/mod_perl-1.99_12.tar.gz
   size: 1113684 bytes
    md5: 3864841c530cceeace86a6017ce5fffd

Changes since v1.99_11:

Restore a proper behavior of all Registry handlers, but PerlRun, not
to reset %INC to forget any .pl files required during the script's
execution. [Stas]

<Perl> are now evaluating code into one distinct namespace per
container, similar to ModPerl::Registry scripts. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Fix ModPerl::MM::WriteMakefile to use the MODPERL_CCOPTS entry from
Apache::BuildConfig, as it contains some flags added by mod_perl,
which aren't in perl_ccopts and ap_ccopts. [Stas]

Add the implementation of Apache::Connection::local_addr and
Apache::Connection::remote_addr to the Apache::compat overridable
functions. [Stas]

Apache::compat's implementation of APR::URI::unparse,
Apache::RequestRec::finfo and Apache::RequestRec::notes is now
overridable and not enabled by default. [Stas]

Apache::compat no longer enables functions which collide with mp2 API
by default. It provides two new functions: override_mp2_api and
restore_mp2_api to override and restore the original mp2 API. [Stas]

For Win32, add a .bat extension to candidates for the apxs and
apr-config utilities used in Apache::Build, so that the -x file
test can potentially succeed [Randy Kobes]

Plug a memory leak with 'perl-script' not cleaning up the temp vars
created during the override of STDIN/STDOUT to use the :Apache IO
layer [Stas]

libgtop config (needed for enabling MOD_PERL_TRACE=m) is now searched
using the gnome packaging tools if available (pkg-config for gnome-2.x
and gnome-config for gnome-1.x) [Stas]

Prevent a problem where an autovivified package (stash) prevents from
modperl_mgv to load the file with that package (until now it was
checking whether the stash existed already and skipped the loading if
that was the case). Now checking %INC and attempting to load the
module. Reporting the failure only if the module has failed to load
and the stash is not defined (so that it's possible to autovivify
packages without loading them from an external file). [Stas]

MaxClients is now overridable from the t/TEST -maxclients command line
option (it was hardcoded before). [Stas]

Postpone the allocation of the wbucket in filters till the moment it's
needed (if at all). Since non-streaming filters aren't going to use
that buffer, it's a waste to allocate/free it. [Stas]

Extend the autogenerated bug report to include information about
installed modules of special interest (which may aid in understanding
the bug report), such as, Apache::Request, LWP, etc. [Stas]

As the test suite keeps on growing, it takes longer time to
startup. Change the main test suite timeout to 180 secs for threaded
mpms and 120 secs for non-threaded ones. [Stas]

use plain malloc/free to allocate filter structs, since they could be
invoked hundreds of times during a single request, causing huge memory
demands if the memory is allocated from the pool, which gets destroyed
only at the end of a request. [Stas]

Fix a compilation error in APX.xs when MP_HAVE_APR_LIBS is not defined
[Fred Moyer <>]

fix a memory leak when $filter->ctx is used [Stas]

fix buglet on Win32 (and potentially other non-Unix platforms)
where not all files were being installed under a relative Apache2
subdirectory when MP_INST_APACHE2 was specified [Randy Kobes].

deprecated APR::SockAddr::port_get()/APR::SockAddr::port_set()
replaced with direct access to the port record via
APR::SockAddr::port(). [Geoffrey Young, Stas]

deprecated APR::URI::default_port_for_scheme() replaced with
APR::URI::port_of_scheme() [Geoffrey Young]

deprecated APR::SockAddr::ip_set() and APR::NO_TIMEOUT removed.
[Geoffrey Young]

Apache::MPM->is_threaded() replaces Apache::MPM_IS_THREADED
[Geoffrey Young]

fix "PerlSetVar Foo 0" so that $r->dir_config('Foo') returns 0, not undef
[Geoffrey Young]

add Apache::MPM class, along with show() and query() class methods
[Geoffrey Young]

add :mpmq import tag to Apache::Const [Geoffrey Young]

Fix ModPerl::Registry handlers family to modify $0 only for the
duration of the handler, by localizing it [Stas]

Fix :Apache perlio's STDOUT to be reentrant + modules/include_subreq
test [Stas]

fix slurp_filename to always open the file and not try to guess
whether filename has been already opened, as there is no reliable way
to accomplish that [Stas]

Apache->can_stack_handlers is now in Apache::compat (mp2 always can
stack handlers) [Stas]

add access to $r->finfo() and related APR::Finfo methods,
such as $r->finfo->size(), $r->finfo->mtime(), and
$r->finfo->stat() [Geoffrey Young]

add :filetype import tag to APR::Const [Geoffrey Young]

<Perl> sections now properly set $0 to the name of the configuration
file they are in. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Apache::Status: provide a workaround for Config::myconfig() which
fails under threads with (5.8.0 < perl < 5.8.3) [Elizabeth Mattijsen

Fix Apache::Status::handler to return 'Apache::OK' [Juanma Barranquero

<Perl> sections now properly set filename and line number information,
making error messages report the correct location. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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