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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] DBIx::Recordset 0.25 now on CPAN
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 03:18:18 GMT
NEW FUNCTIONALITY (Cameron Prince, Terrence Brannon)

* Full SQL Query input via the !Query option to Search()

* added the '$makesql' flag to Search() so that generated SQL can
be returned instead of executed. It will remain undocumented until
it is supported for Update(), Delete(), and Insert(). It was added
in order that the SQL generated for the test "Order, Group,
Append" would pass on Postgres which finds the generated SQL

BUGFIXES (Angus Lees, Terrence Brannon, Gerald Richter)

* when building the FROM clause for
  LEFT JOINs Recordset placed parentheses around it, like this:

  FROM (dbixrs1 left join dbixrs2 on =
  WHERE IN (2, 5, 10);

  but this caused a syntax error in sqlite, so a new leftjoin type
  of 4 was introduced to support LEFT JOIN with no parentheses
  around the join

* Fixed a bug that cause TableAttr with value zero not to work
  correctly. Patch from Rene Seindal

* Made sure that filters given by name override filters given by type.

* Fixed PreFetchIfExpires() so that it works for a specified time period as
well as for a CODE ref

* Added support to DBIx::Compat so that the pseudo-type "counter" was
to SERIAL when DBD::Pg is in use

* DBD::mysql versions > 2.9002 quote the table name. While is good and valid
practice, the other drivers tested (SQLite and Pg) do not do this, making it
difficult to create a consistent test suite. For the time being, a custom
ListTablesMySQL was added to DBIx::Compat which strips the backquotes.

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