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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 2.0.0
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 06:24:50 GMT

has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GO/GOZER/mod_perl-2.0.0.tar.gz
  size: 1440319 bytes
   md5: 99325d82e2c42361123f6a242e57a593

The package is also available from: (pgp sig)

Change since RC6:

fix global anon_cnt double-initialization bug that was causing
startup segfaults on OSX. [Gozer]

fix the ap_install target in the top-level Makefile (used for static
build) [Stas]

Reintroduce a pure-Perl version of ModPerl::Util::unload_package()
The problematic XS version is now called unload_package_xs() and
not used by default [Gozer]

More APR::Status wrappers:  [Stas, Randy Kobes]
- is_EOF

make sure that the build picks up the include directories based on the
apxs queries and only search the httpd source if $self->{MP_AP_PREFIX}
was set. Earlier it was always picking the headers from the httpd
source if it was available, which was resulting in the wrong headers
if the installed httpd was different than the source that was found

introduce ModPerl::RegistryPrefork and ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork, which
behave the same as ModPerl::Registry and ModPerl::PerlRun,
respectively, but chdir to the script's directory like mod_cgi
does. These two new handlers will refuse to load under threaded MPMs
where chdir can't be used as it will affect all running threads [Stas]

ModPerl::RegistryCooker::chdir_file_normal() now chdirs to the current
script's directory or the specified directory as an argument, as it
was planned in first place. Therefore switch ModPerl::Registry and
ModPerl::PerlRun to us NOP for this method call. If chdir_file is
mapped to chdir_file_normal(), then run() and
convert_script_to_compiled_handler() now call chdir to the script's
directory and at before returning go back to the server root. [Stas]

prevent undef warnings in catfile() calls in Apache2::Build when
called from the ModPerl-Registry tree [Stas]

fix modperl_brigade_dump to use apr_file_printf() instead of
fprintf(), which doesn't work everywhere [Stas]

Fix a warning triggered by `ln` on Cygwin, when running perl
Makefile.PL for a second time without previously running make
clean. [Nick *** <>]

When compiling a static mod_perl and
MP_AP_CONFIGURE="--with-apr=/some/path" argument is given, Apache will
use the apr-config at the given path, but mod_perl was using the
default at "srclib/apr/.libs". Fix that [Nick *** <>]

Show MP_APU_CONFIG as an argument to Makefile.PL in the Usage
menu. [Nick *** <>]

Makefile.PL: fix the pre-rename mp2 install diagnostics code, to use
the mp version of 1.999xx and not 1.999_xx, as the latter is
unsuitable for numerical comparison, also fix the name of the reported
conflicting directory [Stas].

add APR::Status::is_(EACCES|ENOENT), and use in ModPerl::RegistryCooker
to return, as appropriate, Apache2::Const::(FORBIDDEN|NOT_FOUND),
based on $@. Also remove a check in modperl_slurp_filename
of src/modules/perl/modperl_util.c to enable $@ to be set when
opening or reading a file fails. This fixes a bug on Win32, revealed
in 404.t and redirect.t of the ModPerl-Registry tests, as reported
by Steve Hay and Markus Wichitill [Stas, Randy Kobes]

link Apache2::* and ModPerl::* to mod_perl.a and DynaLoader.a, but
-lmod_perl and -lDynaLoader don't work, and we can't supply the full
paths, because MakeMaker doesn't allow this. I workaround this by
making a symlink to mod_perl.a (called libmod_perl.a) and copy
DynaLoader.a to libDynaLoader.a (I don't create a symlink, because,
when running make clean, the real DynaLoader.a may get deleted).  The
APR::* extensions are not affected, because in both cases we link them
against aprext.  Also other small fixes are added. [Nick ***

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