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From David Wheeler <>
Subject ANN: Bricolage 1.10.1 Released
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 03:42:32 GMT
Fellow mod_perlers,

    The Bricolage development team is pleased to announce the release of
    Bricolage 1.10.1. This maintenance release adds a few new features, a
    number of improvements, and many bug fixes. Highlights include new SOAP
    modules, improved packaging support, and smother upgrades from 1.8.x
    versions. The most important changes are:

 New Features

      * Added ContribType, Destination, and Preference SOAP modules.

      * Added upload and download feature to the template interface, so
      that templates can optionally be uploaded or downloaded. Suggested by
      Chris Sutton. [David]


      * Added installation defaults for FreeBSD that will be used when the
      USE_DEFAULTS environment variable is set to "freebsd" during
      installation. [Rod Taylor]

      * Created two new make targets, "install_files" and "install_db", to
      allow the files to be installed without doing anything with the
      database. Useful for packagers who need to let users manually create
      the database. [Marshall]

      * Updated Bric::ElementAdmin to be conversant in the merging of
      element type sets and elements. That is, it now makes sense in the
      context of Bricolage 1.10. Reported by Ryan O'Toole. [David]

      * The View/Edit link has been restored to stories, media, and
      templates on desks, and the title has been returned to its status as
      a preview link. The URI is no longer a link. [David]

 Bug Fixes

      * The database upgrade script now updates table permissions after
      executing all of the scripts for each version to be upgraded, rather
      than after all of the upgrade scripts have run, thus allowing later
      scripts to properly access tables created by earlier scripts.
      Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

      * Fixed some of the 1.8.9 upgrade scripts that run after the 1.9.x
      upgrade scripts to that they are properly compatible. [Nate
      Perry-Thistle, Rod Taylor, and David]

      * Reverting stories and media no longer leads to occasional errors
      such as, "Too many Bric::Biz::Element::Container objects found".
      Reported by Simon Wilcox. [David]

      * Disabled the "sticky" scroll bar in the story profile. It just
      didn't work very well. [David]

      * The "Allow Multiple" checkbox and "Size" field in the "Add New
      Field" section of the element type profile work again. Reported by
      Rod Taylor and Paul Orrock. [David]

      * Multiple select lists no longer break the story and element
      profiles, and can once again have their values properly changed from
      multiple to single to none. Spotted by Rod Taylor. [David]

      * Assets can once again be properly deleted from desks. [David]

      * Cancelling the checkout of an media document now deletes any new
      file that has been uploaded and, if the AUTO_PREVIEW_MEDIA
      bricolage.conf directive is enabled, re-previews the previous version
      of the media file. [David]

      * The autopopulated fields for image element types are now created
      when a new image element type is created. This was made possible by
      moving the selection of media type (Image, Audio, Video, or Other
      Media) to the New Element Type screen, where it is now part of the
      "Content Type" select list, which also includes the Story and
      Subelement options. As a result, one can no longer change the media
      type in an existing element type (not that it ever made sense to do
      so). Reported by Paul Orrock. [David]

      * Failed jobs can once again be cancelled. Reported by Rod Taylor.

      * Publishing multiple versions of a document before any of the
      publish jobs for those versions are executed no longer leads to
      publishing errors when the older version is published. Thanks to Rod
      Taylor for the spot! [David]

    For a complete list of the changes in Bricolage 1.10.1, see the changes
    list at For
    the complete history of ongoing changes in Bricolage, see Bric::Changes

    Download Bricolage 1.10.1 now from the Bricolage Website at, from the SourceForge download page
    at, or from
    the Kineticode download page at

About Bricolage

    Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content management and
    publishing system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use,
    a full-fledged templating system with complete HTML::Mason,
    HTML::Template, PHP5, and Template Toolkit support for flexibility, and
    many other features. It operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment and
    uses the PostgreSQL RDBMS for its repository. A comprehensive,
    actively-developed open source CMS, Bricolage has been hailed by eWEEK
    as "quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source
    application available."


    --The Bricolage Team

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