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From Håkan Lindqvist <>
Subject Executing ASP in scalar...
Date Sun, 27 May 2001 00:23:26 GMT

Is there any way to get Apache::ASP to do something like "$Response->Include" 
on a scalar containing ASP code instead of a filename (something like "eval" 
but for ASP instead of plain perl)?

(If I'm not mistaken Parse is in itself compatible with this, but Include 
calls CompileInclude which verifies that the scalar contains a valid filename 
before calling Parse which then (when we have a given it a filename) calls 
ReadFile to get the data.)

It would be really good if someone could give me some hints on this - does 
this functionality exist, or should i try to hack it into my Apache::ASP?

Thanks in advance,
Håkan Lindqvist

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