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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache::ASP v2.11
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 16:53:05 GMT

Apache::ASP v2.11 is out in your local CPAN and also

The changes are below.

Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the
Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables
developing of dynamic web applications with session
management and embedded perl code.  There are also many
powerful extensions, including XML taglibs, XSLT rendering, 
and new events not originally part of the ASP API!

The Apache::ASP web site is at

-- Josh

$MODULE=Apache::ASP; $VERSION = 2.11; $DATE="05/29/2001";

Please see README for changes for past versions.

 + = improvement; - = bug fix
 +Parser optimization from Dariusz Pietrzak

 -work around for global destruction error message for perl 5.6
  during install

 +$Response->{IsClientConnected} now will be set
  correctly with ! $r->connection->aborted after each

 +New XSLTParser config which can be set to XML::XSLT or
  XML::Sablotron.  XML::Sablotron renders 10 times faster, 
  but differently.  XML::XSLT is pure perl, so has wider
  platform support than XML::Sablotron.  This config affects
  both the XSLT config and the $Server->XSLT() method.

 +New $Server->XSLT(\$xsl_data, \$xml_data) API which 
  allows runtime XSLT on components instead of having to process
  the entire ASP output as XSLT.  

 -XSLT support for XML::XSL 0.32.  Things broke after .24.

 -XSLTCacheSize config no longer supported.  Was a bad 
  Tie::Cache implementation.  Should be file based cache
  to greatly increases cache hit ratio.

 ++$Response->Include(), $Response->TrapInclude(),
  and $Server->Execute() will all take a scalar ref
  or \'asdfdsafa' type code as their first argument to execute 
  a raw script instead of a script file name.  At this time, 
  compilation of such a script, will not be cached.  It is 
  compiled/executed as an anonymous subroutine and will be freed
  when it goes out of scope.

 + -p argument to cgi/asp script to set GlobalPackage
  config for static site builds

 -pod commenting fix where windows clients are used for 
  ASP script generation.

 +Some nice performance enhancements, thank to submissions from
  Ime Smits.  Added some 1-2% per request execution speed.

 +Added StateDB MLDBM::Sync::SDBM_File support for faster
  $Session + $Application than DB_File, yet still overcomes
  SDBM_File's 1024 bytes value limitation.  Documented in 
  StateDB config, and added Makefile.PL entry.

 +Removed deprecated MD5 use and replace with Digest::MD5 calls

 +PerlSetVar InodeNames 1 config which will compile scripts hashed by 
  their device & inode identifiers, from a stat($file)[0,1] call.
  This allows for script directories, the Global directory,
  and IncludesDir directories to be symlinked to without
  recompiling identical scripts.  Likely only works on Unix
  systems.  Thanks to Ime Smits for this one.

 +Streamlined code internally so that includes & scripts were
  compiled by same code.  This is a baby step toward fusing
  include & script code compilation models, leading to being
  able to compile bits of scripts on the fly as ASP subs, 
  and being able to garbage collect ASP code subroutines.

 -removed @_ = () in script compilation which would trigger warnings 
  under PerlWarn being set, thanks for Carl Lipo for reporting this.

 -StatINC/StatINCMatch fix for not undeffing compiled includes
  and pages in the GlobalPackage namespace

 -Create new HTML::FillInForm object for each FormFill
  done, to avoid potential bug with multiple forms filled
  by same object.  Thanks to Jim Pavlick for the tip.

 +Added PREREQ_PM to Makefile.PL, so CPAN installation will
  pick up the necessary modules correctly, without having
  to use Bundle::Apache::ASP, thanks to Michael Davis. 

 + > mode for opening lock files, not >>, since its faster

 +$Response->Flush() fixed, by giving $| = 1 perl hint
  to $r->print() and the rest of the perl sub.

 +$Response->{Cookies}{cookie_name}{Expires} = -86400 * 300;
  works so negative relative time may be used to expire cookies.

 +Count() + Key() Collection class API implementations

 +Added editors/aasp.vim VIM syntax file for Apache::ASP,
  courtesy of Jon Topper.

 ++Better line numbering with #line perl pragma.  Especially
  helps with inline includes.  Lots of work here, & integrated
  with Debug 2 runtime pretty print debugging.

 +$Response->{Debug} member toggles on/off whether 
  $Response->Debug() is active, overriding the Debug setting
  for this purpose.  Documented.

 -When Filter is on, Content-Length won't be set and compression
  won't be used.  These things would not work with a filtering
  handler after Apache::ASP

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