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From "Aaron Johnson" <>
Subject Modifying HTTP Headers
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 01:15:02 GMT
Is there a way to modify the HTTP header content from within Apache::ASP.
We are sending a file via a cgi script right now using modified headers.  We
would like to do this under ASP since we don't have all the session data
available via the cgi script.

We do something like this:
    print $q->header(
        -content_type              => $file->MIME_Type,
        -content_length            => $file->Size,
        -content_transfer_encoding =>
            $file->MIME_Type =~ m/^text/ ? 'base64' : 'binary',
        -content_disposition       =>
            qq[inline; filename="].$file->File_Name .qq["],

Aaron Johnson

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