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From Infosoft <>
Subject Re: VBScript - NOW?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 04:48:13 GMT
Dear Ime.  
I would be very thankful if I could help in Apache:ASP, with certainty I can be a beta tester.
I already know plenty IIS / Microsoft ASP and I can be of great help in the construction of
the interpreter VBScript.  
I will be sending you some simple scripts without access to database to begin the tests. 

(ICQ 117774494)
Amilton Martins.

>| > VBscript Interpreter.
>| > I realy want to see this feature implemented.
>| > This will be a great step to the libertation of the ´microsoft slaves
>| > Help US!
>| Ime, have you taken any steps in this direction recently.
>Yes and no. Yes in the sense that I have been doing some work on this - far
>from finished though, but basic stuff seems to works quite ok if I convert
>some scripts from the console.
>And no because I didn't yet wrap everything up in a use strict; comliant
>CPAN-style package - let alone made any progress on documentation.
>If I find some time tomorrow (which is 95% likely if I can just manage to
>keep that telephone shut up for the next few hours) I can probably manage to
>submit an alpha release to you by tomorrow afternoon (CET +0200). Maybe you
>can have a look at it and apply a small patch to Apache::ASP to create hooks
>for it in the API.
>Do we have our first beta tester in Brazil ready to give it a shot by then?
>By the way, if you have some real-life M$ ASP scripts I can run some test
>against, I would be most thankfull, as I have a hard time finding them on my
>system recently ;)

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