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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache::ASP v2.15
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:04:03 GMT

Apache::ASP v2.15 is released and is in your local CPAN or:

This release mainly fixes a bug which makes 2.11 not work 
under perl 5.6.1/5.7.1

The web site for Apache::ASP is

   Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the
   Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables
   developing of dynamic web applications with session
   management and embedded perl code.  There are also many
   powerful extensions, including XML taglibs, XSLT rendering, 
   and new events not originally part of the ASP API!


 -Fix for running under perl 5.6.1 by removing parser optimization
  introduced in 2.11.

 -Now file upload forms, forms with ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"
  can have multiple check boxes and select items marked for
  @params = $Request->Form('param_name') functionality.  This
  will be demonstrated via the ./site/eg/file_upload.asp example.

-- Josh
Joshua Chamas                           Chamas Enterprises Inc.
NodeWorks <- Web Link Checking          Huntington Beach, CA  USA                1-714-625-4051

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