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From "John D. Leonard II" <>
Subject RE: Install problem - ASP-2.11
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 12:50:04 GMT

> I'll revert back perl 5.6.0 and see if ASP 2.11 works.

ASP 2.11 works with the following configuration:
  linux 7.1
  apache 1.3.20
  mod_perl 1.25
  perl 5.6.0

Upgrading to perl 5.6.1 breaks 2.11, but ASP 2.09 continues work.


1) During the installation of the necessary modules to get ASP 2.11 to work
(e.g., FreezeThaw, MLDBM, libwww, libnet, Apache::Filter, Apache::SSI, to
name a few - I didn't keep track) several perl modules failed a few tests
under 5.6.1.  I looked into a few of these tests (in the respective t/*.t
files) and they appeared fine to me.  I went ahead and "forced" install
without any apparent negative impacts.

2) Further, reverting back to 5.6.0 and continuing to use the latest version
of some modules (e.g., the modules automatically picked by CPAN,) also
generates some failed tests during "make test."  Apparently, some module
"updates" for 5.6.1 break the modules under 5.6.0.  Again, I "forced"
install without any apparent negative impacts.

3) Watch out when installing bundles (e.g., Bundle::CPAN).  My version of
CPAN (1.52) wanted to "upgrade" to 1.59, and in doing so, continually
attempted to upgrade to perl 5.6.1.  To get around this "feature", I had to
install each necessary module separately.  Further, I often had to leave
CPAN and build the module from the command line directly (from the
.cpan/build directory.)

John D. Leonard II, Associate Professor            Phone: 404/894-2360
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering       FAX:  404/894-2278
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Atlanta, GA  30332-0355    

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