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From "John D. Leonard II" <>
Subject global.asa, applications and subdirectories
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 02:56:59 GMT

How are multiple copies of .htaccess and global.asa handled?  My question
relates to the use of FrontPage and Apache::ASP.  (This is how I craft
pages, whether under IIS/ASP or Apache::ASP.

FYI - FrontPage creates "new webs" under the DocumentRoot.  I would like
each of these subdirectories to have their own .htaccess, global.asa,
$Session and $Application spaces.  No problem, expect my document root also
has it's own .htaccess and global.asa files.

How are conflicts between parent and subdirectories handled?  Which
global.asa takes precedence?  I believe that IIS keeps them separate.

What settings must I change to ensure that various "subwebs" (and their
global variables) don't conflict with each other, and the main web off
document root?


John D. Leonard II, Associate Professor            Phone: 404/894-2360
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering       FAX:  404/894-2278
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Atlanta, GA  30332-0355    

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